C13 – Cellular Therapies – Market access challenges and emerging opportunities to underpin success

Today, biomedicine sits on the cusp of a new revolution: the use human cells as adaptable therapeutics – or cellular therapies. Indeed, at the last count, there were 318 clinical trials for what the European Medicines Agency (EMA), would describe as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) underway, of which 49 are Phase III or IV trials. Perhaps the most ardent exemplar of these disruptive therapies are those being developed for one time dosing that have unprecedented efficacy and life-long durability, and that are breaking the standard model of care. This type of intervention brings inherent challenges for our healthcare systems in terms of funding. Signaling a new frontier of market access and reimbursement, these challenges require innovative strategies and solutions if the full potential of cellular therapies is to be realised.  This session will examine the positive advancements in biomedicine and discuss market access challenges and emerging opportunities to underpin success.

Chairperson: Phoebe McDonald, Commercial Eyes