C15 – Private Health Insurance: Challenges and opportunities (part 1)

The Private Health Insurance (PHI) review was established to look at the increasing unaffordability of private health care in Australia. The aims of the reforms include looking at simplifying policies (to assist consumers understanding of policies), examining regulatory issues which are adding to premiums and looking at what is being offer for people living in rural and remote areas. With a number of the stakeholders having differing opinions on what is underpinning the rise in premiums, the Governments continued freeze on the rebate thresholds, the expanded Prostheses List Advisory Committee and the establishment of the Private Health Ministerial Advisory Committee, robust discussions continue within the sector. In this session, we have assembled a range of perspectives to explore the reform agenda, including the potential challenges and opportunities moving forward and what is being done to ensure that consumers continue to see the value of private health insurance while ensure the long-term sustainability of the system for the payer and sector.


Chairperson: Georgina Sanderson, Vice President Policy & Market Access, Cochlear Limited