C19 – The role of the consumer in health technology and regulatory assessments

Discussions of the role of the consumer in Health Technology Assessments and Regulatory assessments have been going on for many years. Many HTA and Regulatory agencies include the patient or the public at some point during their assessments and there is healthy discussion around the role of the consumer and how they can input to these assessments. This session seeks to inform about the history and the role of the consumer voice in HTA and Regulatory assessments. Presenting ongoing research from a Research Fellow and PhD candidate about how have we arrived at the status quo and questioning should it be the patient or the public as a whole who contribute? It will also draw on input from consumer representatives who have participated in ACPM and PBAC meetings to give insight and compare their experiences of these processes. Finally, we will discuss whether the current consumer involvement is sufficient and explore ideas for the future.


Chairperson: Simon Cornish, EISAI Australia