C11 – Trials and Tribulations: Establishing and operating a multi-disciplinary clinical trials unit in a tertiary teaching hospital

This session will present an uncensored view of the experience of establishing and operating a clinical trials unit in a large and busy metropolitan public hospital.   The speakers will share the experience of their respective institutions in setting up a multi-disciplinary trials unit able to successfully cater to the needs of a wide range of diverse clinical disciplines – planning, dealing with builders and designers, interior decoration, shopping – from centrifuges to recliner chairs and a Faraday Cage, consulting with different groups, securing “buy-in” from stakeholders, emergency response, met-call and infection control considerations, managing “bookings,” support staff for the unit, did the unit “free up clinical space” elsewhere in the hospital, recouping the costs, interest from sponsors and CROs, impact on trials activity and performance, the patient experience and more.

Chairperson: Angela Watt, Director Research Governance, Melbourne Health