C08 – Access and Management of Devices Beyond the Hospital

 In a nation like Australia with a large landmass, relatively small population and many small rural and remote communities providing equity in access to health care can be challenging,  and even in the larger population centres there is a clear preference for the aging, those with disability and chronic illness to be treated at home and out of hospital.  With the recent advances in technology, remote monitoring, in home devices and the emergence of ‘wearables’, there are real opportunities to address this gap. There are also very significant challenges in building business and payment models for these technologies with payment for technology usually based around hospital inpatient episodes and a reluctance for the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) to include payments beyond services by clinicians.  The existing HTA bodies evaluating technologies also generally don’t have a pathway for evaluating and facilitating delivery outside of the traditional care settings. This session will explore the scope of the issue, the government’s reform agenda, the perspectives of payers and the work of industry partners participating in pilot projects.

Chairperson: Andrew Wiltshire, Medtronic, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, Australia and New Zealand.