B11 – Delivering on Clinical Trials

How is the conduct of clinical trials in Australia perceived? How do we really perform against other countries? What is this based on? During this session, current performance data from Australia and the UK will be presented. This session will also discuss what progress has been made and what challenges remain which will be followed by a panel discussion on how we can make Australia a world leader in the delivery of clinical trials and adoption of beneficial new treatments.


“Delivering on Clinical Trials in the UK NHS” The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in the United Kingdom have reported significant reductions in the median time taken to setup clinical trials in the UK National Health System (NHS) over the past 4 years. The turnaround in clinical trial delivery has been credited to a common focus on performance metrics, improvements in communications and embedding research culture across the hospital system. NHS Trusts are now actively celebrating clinical trial successes. This presentation will look at an analysis of the latest performance data emerging from the UK processes including study start up timelines and recruitment, how these measures have changed over time and the impact on the number of trials over the period.

Chairperson: Robyn Johnston, Trialwise