B13 – Leadership Express Learning Session

What will happen during the express learning session?

This highly sought after session makes a return to the ASC this year. Express learning allows you to snack on topics of your choice and get up close and personal with the thought leader in the field. This is an interactive participant-driven session that allows you to choose topics of greatest value to you. There will be more topics than time, therefore choose wisely!

Leading change: Running meetings that produce results
What will be covered:
How to avoid death by PowerPoint and death by debate
How to dramatically increase the liklihood that your meeting achieves its outcome
How to make the most of the opportunity to lead!
Rod Matthews
Vision, Mission, Values: Sustainable companies think globally: How to collaborate, leverage and succeed
What will be covered:
How a vision will influence the direction of a company
Collaborate to dominate- don’t do it on your own
Global commercialisation- the critical role of a CRO in the execution of the strategy
Elpis Barons
Leading change: Navigating through transparency
What will be covered:
Understanding PBS and MA landscape
Brainstorm best practice for this change
Set yourself up to pioneer this change in your job
John Zdon
Developing people: Developing direct reports:
What will be covered:
Skills vs Competencies
Role vs Career Development
Using 70:20:10 learning model in development
Angela Giagodi
Empowerment: The life and times of an Independent contractor
What will be covered:
How to get started
Things to consider
The Do’s and Don’ts
Louisa Fitzgerald
Mentoring: The value of mentoring in the workplace Mary Nteris
Change management: The big merge: Surviving & Thriving through it all. George Papadopoulos
Networking: How to work the room: An introverts guide Liga Hegner
Developing people: Words of advice to early-career professionals in the Australian therapeutics industry
What will be covered:
Surviving, or starting your career as you mean to go on
Thriving mid career
Retiring, or starting with the end in mind
Elise Magatova
Developing people: Words of advice – accelerating your career
What will be covered:
Off to a good start, now what?
Michelle Duddington
  • Management
  • Date:May 12, 2016
  • Time:1:30 pm
  • Event: