B12 – Conducting Clinical Trials Outside of the Public Health System and Large Scale Trials in General Practice

Historically, clinical trials in Australia have predominantly been conducted in the public health system; primarily in tertiary hospitals in the major cities. As hospital stays become shorter and more treatment is given on an outpatient basis, mechanisms must be found to do more clinical trials in a general practice setting. The focus of research into chronic conditions will shift from hospital to primary care as these conditions are increasingly managed in primary care (Br J Gen Pract. 2008 Nov 1; 58(556): 759–766.) Public hospitals are claimed to be slow to start and poor recruiters. Is there an alternative? As new agents are developed with the potential to prevent diseases ranging from dementia to heart disease to fractures the ability to undertake general practice based trials will become increasingly important. This session aims to explore the conduct of clinical trials and recruitment of patients in the private sector. Site management organisations; primary care physicians; private HREC and recruitment businesses – how do they provide answers to the challenges faced by the clinical trial industry in Australia?

Chairperson: Jeff Wall, Paratus Clinical