B1 – Sub-plenary – the science, art and future of Genomic research

To sequence a single human genetic code took The Human Genome Project 13 years to complete back in 2002. Technology has advanced rapidly and this same process can now be achieved in just a few hours. With the addition of their HiSeq 2500 array at the Garvan Institute, they have capacity to complete 50 full genome sequences per day. By comparing this data with an established database of healthy volunteers, the Garvan Institute is working to identify new genetic triggers which will improve the ability to develop targeted therapies.


A/Prof Marcel Dinger will discuss the current advances in the Science of Genomic Research. Dr Kate Patterson’s team brings science to life, using visual language to translate complex scientific discoveries for a general audience. With their visually stunning graphical displays. Prof Thomas will discuss the future of Genomic medicine in the treatment of cancer.