ARCS and DIA: Application of ICH GCP E6 (R2)


ICH-GCP E6 underwent an addendum in 2016. Since the original version of ICH E6 R(1) was prepared in 1996, clinical trials have undergone significant changes, essentially moving from paper-based to electronic data recording and reporting. The authors of the update state that “this guideline has been amended to encourage implementation of improved and more efficient approaches to clinical trial design, conduct, oversight, recording and reporting while continuing to ensure human subject protection and reliability of trial results.”

ARCS Australia and DIA are very pleased to be working together to bring you the workshop in support of this important update to ICH-GCP.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide hands-on case study driven training on the update the ICH-GCP E6 R(2).


A discount is available for conference attendees, click here for more information.