A8 – Clinical Trials Governance Good Practice Process: Streamlining research governance – Are we there yet? (Part 2)

Almost 12 months into the NHMRC’s Good Practice Process (GPP), an initiative aiming to improve management of clinical trials in Australia, it is time to take a critical look at our progress. Have we got it right yet? Are things any better? Who decides? The NHMRC, research active hospitals and commercial trial sponsors will each discuss their response to and experience of the GPP and its impact on clinical trials from each of their perspectives. The session will end with a panel of the speakers from Part 1 and 2 which will explore the next essential steps required to improve performance and attract more clinical trials.

This session will be relevant for all researchers (both sponsor and site representatives) who need to understand the progress on governance and its impact on clinical trials management.

Chairperson: Dr Angela Watt, Royal Melbourne Hospital