A16 – Risk Minimisation Programme Evaluation

The management of risk relating to medicines in the real world is a multidisciplinary and increasingly complex task. Well conducted evaluation is critical to ensuring that risk minimisation measures achieve their objectives. Challenges in developing evaluation plans include selecting appropriate outcome measures and evaluation methods, obtaining data to answer evaluation questions, avoiding overburdening health professionals, and interpreting and acting on the results of evaluations. This session, developed in collaboration between the TGA and sponsor companies, will explore these challenges and potential strategies for overcoming them with reference to emerging published literature and using real-life examples.


Chairperson: Minhaj Obeidullah, Sandoz


  • A/Prof Dianne Jackson-Matthews, ERA Consulting
  • Catherine Dean, Actelion
  • Andreas Wortmann, Novartis
  • Sahar Bassal, Celgene