A15 – Working Together: The value of phactMI & TransCelerate industry collaborations

This session will provide an insight and update of two important industry collaborations.  The session will start by introducing phactMITM (a collaboration of medical information departments across the pharmaceutical industry), and its collective vision and approach of charting a new path forward into the future of medical information. The session will continue with an update from TransCelerate Biopharma on selected initiatives which (1) Improve the site investigator experience (2) Facilitate the sharing of information (3) Enable harmonisation of clinical trial processes (4)  Enhance sponsor efficiencies (5) Improve the patient experience.


ARCS Australia would like to acknowledge Pfizer Inc for supporting Dr Albano’s travel to attend this session.


Chairperson: Sian Slade, Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Date:May 11, 2016
  • Time:4:00 pm
  • Event: